Diary May 17, 1918

An F.E.2b prepares for a night mission.
World War One Diary for Saturday, May 17, 1918:

Air War

Germany: Metz-Sablon main station, goods sheds and train hit by 12 DH4s of 55 Squadron (c.90 casualties). Later, 1 Handley Page and 10 F.E.2s (2 lost) attack Thionville (much damage, 35 killed) and Metz­-Sablon (night May 17-18).

Sea War

Western Mediterranean: French convoy escort Ailly sinks UC-35 (destroyed 42 ships worth 65,569t) with gunfire off Sardinia, Germans believe Q­-ship the killer.

Home Fronts

Ireland: c.150 Sinn Fein leaders arrested for plotting night May 17-18; only Michael Collins and Cathal Brugha escape, but no prosecutions.
Britain: All men born 1898 or 1899 called up. Compulsory meatless day abolished. President of Board of Trade estimates half industry on war work, output below pre­-war.

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