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Diary May 16, 1943

Moehne Damm breaks after been hit by the 5th bomb
Moehne Damm breaks after been hit by the 5th bomb. But the result of the Dambusters Raid on the industry of the Ruhr was low.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, May 16, 1943:

Air War

Germany – THE DAMBUSTERS RAID (Operation Chastise): 19 Lancaster special bombers (8 lost) breach Mohne and Eder Dams in the Ruhr, using ‘bouncing bombs’. Wing-Commander Guy Gibson leads specially formed No 617 Squadron, RAF.


Tunisia: General Alexander informs Churchill ‘Sir, it is my duty to report that the Tunisian Campaign is over.’

Air War

Britain: Thousands of leaflets containing names of 412 British ships claimed as sunk since June 1941, dropped over northeast England.

Sea War

Atlantic: 4 U-boat wolf-packs attack 5 convoys (May 16-23) but sink only 1 ship (9 U-boats lost; 4 damaged).

Occupied Territories

Holland: Germans confiscate all wireless sets in Holland.
Poland: Only 8 buildings left standing in Warsaw Ghetto; SS troops dynamite Tlomacki Synagogue.

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