Diary May 17, 1942

 Russian  76.2 mm division field gun
The Russian 76.2 mm division field gun is often used as a anti-tank gun.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, May 17, 1942:

Eastern Front

Ukraine: German counter-offensive against Barvenkovo Salient, which quickly forces Russians to abandon thrusts towards Kharkov and the Donbas (May 19).

Sea War

Pacific: US submarines Tautog and Triton sink Japanese submarines I-28 and I-164, off Truk and Kagoshima, resp.

Home Fronts

India: Moslem fanatics (Hurs) derail Punjab Mail Train near Karachi, killing 25 passengers and injuring 140. 4 days later Hurs stop a bus at Mirpukhas and slaughter 13 passengers.

Secret War

Operation Kremlin: German High Command makes attempt to mislead Red Army Intelligence into believing that the Wehrmacht is about to launch a major drive to capture Moscow.

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