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Diary May 19, 1915

ANZAC infantry
Australian infantry of the ANZAC troops on Gallipoli.
Diary for Wednesday, May 19, 1915:

Middle East

Gallipoli: 17,356 Anzac troops repel 40,000 Turks.
Armenia: Nikolayev enters Van, relieving Armenians who received Tsar’s thanks.

Western Front

Flanders: Virtual stalemate at Festubert as 1st Canadian Division re­enters line to replace British 1st and 7th Divisions.

Eastern Front

Galicia: Mackensen crushes Radymno salient west of San, shells Przemysl next day while 3 new Russian corps counterattack Austrian Fourth Army.

Sea War

Adriatic: 4 Austrian U-boats with cruisers and destroyers at sea to prevent Italian surprise attack.

Air War

Gallipoli: Forewarned by RNAS reconnaissance planes, Anzac’s repel fanatical Turk counter-attacks.

Home Fronts

Britain: Asquith announces impending Coalition Government.
Recruiting age raised to 40, height reduced to 5ft 2in (1.57 m).

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