Diary May 2, 1916

Crashed German airship in the North Sea
Crashed German airship in the North Sea. 40 out of a total of 109 German airships are lost during the war.
Diary for Tuesday, May 2, 1916:

Air War

Britain: 8 Zeppelins cause 39 casualties in Yorks, Northumbria and Scotland (night May 2-3); storm wrecks L20 near Stavanger, Norway on return (May 3).

Western Front

Somme: French in planned offensive to be led by Micheler, Petain obvious choice but jealous Joffre will not consider him.

Southern Fronts

Macedonia: French troops occupy Florina 23 miles south of Monastir.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: King’s mes­sage to Tigris Corps (new 14th Division formed on May 12), cholera out­break (shade temperature 115° F).

Secret War

Stotzingen leaves Jerusalem for Arabia, heads for Wejh but only reaches Yanbo (late May) due to Royal Navy blockade.

Oval@3x 2

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