Diary May 2, 1917

hit balloon
The observer saves himself from a hit balloon by parachute.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, May 2, 1917:

Air War

Western Front: From behind BEF barrage hedge-hopping Nieuport fighters destroy 4 German balloons (7 destroyed similarly on May 7 for 2 Nieuports lost). 40­ aircraft dogfight east of Arras in which Captain Ball makes the only kill.

Eastern Front

Russia: Alexeiev and Front commanders tell Provisional Government and Petrograd Soviet ‘The Army is on the very brink of ruin’. 2 MILLION DESERTERS IN MARCH AND APRIL.

Sea War

Britain: ‘Then called on Carson at Admiralty … still deeply depressed about submarine war’ C P Scott, Editor Manchester Guardian.
Austria: At breakfast German Admiral Holtzendorff assures Emperor Charles that April U-boat sinkings will be 1 million tons, Empress Zita deplores U-boat war.
Channel: Royal Navy destroyer Derwent sunk by mine (52 lives lost).

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