Diary May 22, 1915

battleship Pantelimon
The Russian battleship Pantelimon.
Diary for Saturday, May 22, 1915:

Sea War

Black Sea: Russian battleship Pantelimon torpedoed but not sunk.

Western Front

Flanders: British advance south of Quinque Rue.

Southern Fronts

Austro-Italian frontier: Austrian Archduke Eugene made C-in-C of new Southwest Front against Italy, headquarter at Laibach with able General Krauss as Chief of Staff. General Tersztyanski left in command against Serbia.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Nureddin Pasha arrives at Baghdad with reinforcements.

Home Fronts

Britain: Worst disaster in British railway history, three-train collision in Scotland, 226 die including 214 men of 52nd Division en route to Gallipoli.

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