Diary May 23, 1945

arresting Dönitz government
Members of the arrested government Dönitz: from left to right Minister Albert Speer, Grand Admiral Dönitz and General Jodl.
Diary for Wednesday, May 23, 1945:

Occupied countries

Germany: Members of Dönitz Government, German High Command and General Staff, taken into custody and interned aboard liner Patria in Flensburg harbor. Admiral von Friedeburg commits suicide.
Himmler commits suicide; buried on Lüneburg Heath.

Home Fronts

Britain: Churchill resigns and forms ‘Caretaker’ administration of Conservatives, Nation Liberals and Independence’s (former Labor ministers refuse to serve).

Air War

Pacific: 1,000 B-29 Superfortress (30 lost) participate in 2 climactic night raids on Tokyo; determined fighter opposition and heavy flak (nights May 23-24 and 25-26). These attacks bring total burned-out area to 90 sq km.

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