Diary May 24, 1916

battery of German 210-mm howitzers
A battery of German 210-mm howitzers at Verdun.
Diary for Wednesday, May 24, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun – Fighting on whole front: Germans regain Fort Douaumont and Caillette woods with 100 PoWs. Mangin temporarily disgraced. French recapture part of Cumieres (west bank). One French division’s artillery relieved on east bank after firing 180,000 shells since April 21, losing 17 guns to German fire and 19 exploded accidentally.

Eastern Front

Russia: Brusilov cables Alexeiev that he can attack a week from when ordered or June 1, so telegraphs Army commanders. Postponed till June 4 to allow Western Front more time.

Secret War

Lieutenant Slezkin and 20 men of Russian 10th Ingermanland Hussars swim river Prut to do night reconnaissance mission into Bukovina via Rumania; all awarded St George’s Cross.

Southern Fronts

Italian Fronts: Heavy snow halts Austrian VIII Corps drive on Mt Pasubio, but it captures Mt Cimone today from 2 Alpini battalions. Italian 27th Division replaces battered V Corps.

Air War

Western Front: Raoul Lufbery joins Esc Americaine (7 US pilots originally).

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