Diary May 24, 1941

Bismarck is firing on Hood
Battleship Bismarck is firing on Hood, pictured from Prinz Eugen.
Diary for Saturday, May 24, 1941:

Sea War

Atlantic: HMS Hood sunk by battleship Bismarck in Denmark Strait, East of Greenland – only three survivors out of 1,419. Prince of Wales damaged by Bismarck and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen; Bismarck slightly damaged but begins losing fuel oil. Prinz Eugen is detached for independent operations; night May 24-25.
Mediterranean: British sub Upholder attacks Italian convoy east of Sicily, sinking troopship Conte Rosso (17,900 t.); 800 drown.

Air War

Colonel-General Grauert, senior Luftwaffe commander, reported missing in action over England.

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