Diary May 26, 1918

Mine of North Sea barrage
A mine of the type used in the Allied North Sea barrage built during 1918.
World War One Diary for Sunday, May 26, 1918:

Sea War

North Sea: US Mine Squadron 1 (Captain Reg Belkap’s 19 minelayers with 5,530 mines) arrives at Invergordon to help lay Northern Barrage with 57,000 US-made mines in next 5 months, about 5% explode prematurely. Often 1 minelayer laid over 43 miles in 3 1/2 hours.
North Sea­: Grand Fleet cruises off Heligoland Bight minefields while Harwich Force goes through, but no German response. Destroyer Shake­speare mined but towed home by cruiser Centaur.
Channel: Royal Navy patrol yacht Lorna depth charges and sinks coastal submarine UB-74 in Lyme Bay.

Western Front

Aisne: 2 German PoWs reveal offensive next day, Duchene’s Sixth Army mans overdense first line from 16:15 hours.

Middle East

ArmeniaBattle of Karakilise (until May 28): Nazarbekov, outflanked north and south by Turks, escapes via mountain paths and covers Delljan from west with 5,000 survivors (until May 29).

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