Diary May 26, 1943

German tank crew with Chetniks
Two members of a German tank-crew pose in front of their ex-French Hotchkiss H-39 tank with Chetnik guerrillas with whom they have a local truce and anti-Partisan pact.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, May 26, 1943:

Occupied Territories

Yugoslavia: Fifth Axis offensive against Tito’s Partisans. 120,000 Germans, Italians, Bulgarians and Chetniks (turncoat partisans) trap 16,000 Partisans in Montenegro, but they fight their way out in June (8,000 killed). Germans deport all civilians from the area.

Sea War

Pacific: Japanese submarines begin evacuation of Kiska Island garrison.

Home Fronts

Canada: Meat rationed.
USA: President Barclay of Liberia arrives in Washington.

Air War

Germany: 686 RAF bombers attacking Duesseldorf and dropping 1,959t of bombs.

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