Diary May 28, 1919

Austrians demand annexation to the German Reich
The young republic, to which the Allies even prohibited the use of the name ‘German-Austria’, had to resist further attempts to reduce its territory even further right from the start. Therefore, many Austrians demanded at that time the annexation to the German Reich.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, May 28, 1919:

Austria: Yugoslavs attack Austrians in Carinthia (armistice on June 6).
Britain: ­Limited food and clothing gifts to Germany, Austria and Hungary allowed via recognized agencies. Government inquiry into London traffic begins (London Traffic Board urged May 21).
Afghanistan: Amir Amanullah of Afghanistan writes to Viceroy of India requesting armistice.
Turkey: First Greco­-Turk armed clash at Odemis.
Syria: Emir Feisal writes to Allenby with hopes for international commission, but Feisal already negotiating with the French.
South Russia­: French repulse Red attack on Benderi.

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