Diary May 29, 1945

US Marines at Shuri Castle
US Marines at Shuri Castle view the carnage and devastation of this hotly contested portion of the battlefield.
Diary for Tuesday, May 29, 1945:


Marines capture Shuri Castle, former Japanese HQ, and Shuri town (both are in total ruins).


Fighting between French forces and Syrian Nationalists in Damascus. British arrange cease-fire, May 31.

Air War

Pacific: 101 P-51 Mustangs – escort­ing B-29 Superfortress formations over Yokohama – ­shoot down 26 of 150 defending A6M5 Reisen and other JNAF interceptors, for loss of 3 planes.

Home Front

Japan: Vice-Admiral Ozawa succeeds Admiral Toyoda as C-in-C Combined Fleet.

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