Diary May 30, 1942

Daily Express: First Thousand Bomber Raid
To silence critics in Britain and prove to Hitler that RAF Bomber Command meant business, Air Marshal Harris, launched the first ever ‘Thousand Bomber Raid’ on Cologne. Such was the raid’s success that it commanded the front pages of Britain’s daily papers the following morning.

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, May 30, 1942:

Air War

Germany – FIRST ‘THOUSAND BOMBER RAID’ ON COLOGNE (Operation Millenium): 1,046 RAF bombers (including 101 with Polish crews and 367 bomber/trainers) – 40 lost – drop 1,455 t. of bombs. 600 acres of built-up area devastated by fire; 18,472 houses and buildings destroyed, 40,000 buildings damaged, 368 industrial plants hit and railway repair shops destroyed.
Casualties: 486 killed, 5,027 injured, 59,100 homeless.
Prior to this historic raid, Air Marshal Harris sends Message to all Bomber Command stations: ‘Press home your attack … with the utmost determination … if you individually succeed the most shattering and devastating blow will have been delivered against the very vitals of the enemy. Let him have it – right on the chin ! ‘
50 RAF aircraft (2 lost) carry out diversionary raids on airfields in Germany and occupied territory.

Eastern Front

Ukraine: Special announcement from Hitler‘s headquarter claims the great battle round Kharkov is ended and that the German and Axis forces have transformed their defence against strong enemy into a proud victory of annihilation and that the Luftwaffe has driven the enemy out of the air.

Sea War

Indian Ocean: Japanese midget submarines torpedo battleship Ramillies and a tanker in Diego Suarez harbour, Madagascar (night May 30-31).

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