Diary May 5, 1915

General Cadorna
General Cadorna, who was to command the Italian army. He favored a war against the French in a German alliance, but he also undertook war against the Central Powers enthusiastically.
Diary for Wednesday, May 5, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Austro-Italian frontier: Cadorna learns that Italy committed to war by May 26. Austrian COS Conrad changes his mind, now accepts that ‘war with Italy must be unconditionally avoided’.

Western Front

Flanders – Ypres: Hill 60 falls after German heavy gas attack.

Eastern Front

Western Russia: Germans bombard Grodno.

Middle East

Gallipoli – Helles bridgehead: British 42nd Division arrives from Egypt (complete on May 7).

African Fronts

East Africa: Brigade-General Malleson with his car escapes capture near UbuyunL

Air War

Germany: Kaiser allows OHL to attack docks and ‘war factories’ in East London. OHL orders sustained Zeppelin raids on May 11.


Italy: Poet D’Annunzio’s pro-war entry speech to 150,000 in Genoa, repeated at Rome on May 12.

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