Diary May 8, 1918

 first heavy British strategic bombers is the  Handley-Page 0/400
The first heavy British strategic bombers is the Handley-Page 0/400, here in flight. But they arrive too late to see many operations before the armistice.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, May 8, 1918:

Air War

Britain: Trenchard accepts command of Independent Air Force for bombing Germany.
Salonika: 6 RAF aircraft drop 4,500lb bombs (in 72 sorties) on Bulgar Drama airfield, 24 aircraft bomb rail stations and dumps on May 13-14; 27 aircraft bomb Hudova airfield (repeated on May 21, 23, 29, 30); probable 8 Bulgar aircraft shot down in May.

Eastern Front

Southern Russia: Germans occupy Rostov-on­-Don.
USSR: Red Army forms General Staff under Lenin’s friend Major-General Bonch-Bruevich with 5 fronts.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Royal Navy convoy sloop Wallflower depth charges and sinks veteran U-32 attacking convoy 40 miles northwest of Malta.
Adriatic: 4 Austrian destroyers fail to land raiding party to cut coast railway north of Pescara (night May 8-9).


Nicaragua: Government declares war on Germany and Austria.

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