Diary November 1, 1917

King Victor Emmanuel III meets the Allies
King Victor Emmanuel III meets the Allies.
World War One Diary for Thuersday, November 1, 1917:

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italians hold river Tagliamento (up to 3,000y yards wide) line until November 2 to allow time for Carnia and dilatory Fourth Army retreat plus Piave preparations. Austrian 10th Division reaches lower Tagliamento at Latisana. Foch and Robertson visit King at Padua.

Western Front

Aisne – Battle of La Malmaison ends: Outflanked German Seventh Army retreats from Chemin des Dames until November 2; French reoccupy four villages on heights.
Flanders: Australian Corps of 5 divisions formed.

Middle East

Palestine: Bulfin’s XXI Corps (11,000 men, 148 guns) captures Gaza’s outer defences night November 1-2 (over 1000 Turks killed, 550 PaWs, 3 guns and 30 MGs for 2,696 casualties until November 4). In November first 2,000 of 8,000 donkeys (4 coys) begin to help supply the EEF front line.

Sea War

In November 139 Allied destroyers on convoy duty including 40 in Mediterranean (11 British ships lost). 381 ships sail in Mediterranean convoys (only 9 lost, or 2.35%). US Navy has over 40 ships at Brest under Admiral Wilson for convoy escort.
Channel: During November 14 British ships lost. Geddes forms Channel Barrage Committee under Rear-Admiral Keyes, Director of Plans.
Baltic­: During November thousands of mutinous sailors from Russian Baltic Fleet act as shock troops of the Bolshevik (October) Revolution at Petrograd. German U-boat and auxiliary Equity land supplies in Finland for nationalists.
North Sea: British submarine E52 sinks UC-63 south of Goodwins. In November Royal Navy lays 960 mines off Flamborough Head (East Coast) against Flanders U-boats.
Britain: First Lord Geddes says in Parliament 4,500 ships convoyed safely to and from Norway since April. During November HMS Wakeful first of 23 W-class destroyers (ordered December 1916) completed (all finish until October 1918). 16 modified W-class destroyers launched January 1918 to November 11, 1919.

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