Diary November 15, 1917

Turkish cavalrymen retreat through Palestine
Turkish cavalrymen retreat through Palestine pursued by British troops.
World War One Diary for Thursday, November 15, 1917:

Middle East

Palestine: Anzac Mounted Division occupies Ramleh and Ludd. Yeomanry charge against Turk rearguard at entry to Judean Hills.

Eastern Front

Russia: Reds win fight for Kremlin.
Southern Russia: Alexeiev arrives at Don Cossack capital Novocherkask, but Kaledin says Cossacks unwilling to fight so he moves to Kuban Cossack capital Ekaterinodar.

Southern Fronts

Italy, Piave: German 117th Division gets 4 battalions across near Ponte di Piave (night November 15-16) but wiped out by 3 Italian brigades who take 600 PoWs until November 16; first Italian success since Caporetto. Below and Boroevic cease crossing attempts, although 41st Hungarian Division crosses river delta and captures Cava Zuccherina, 16 miles of lagoon from Venice.


East Africa: Giffard’s 1/2nd KAR takes Chiwata with 606 PoWs and liberate 67 British PoWs after Lettow’s evacuation.

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