Diary November 18, 1918

Return of German troops over the Rhine bridge near Bonn.
Return of German troops over the Rhine bridge near Bonn.
World War One Diary for Monday, November 18, 1918:

Western Front

BRUSSELS REOCCUPIED BY BELGIANS. Last German troops leave French territory. Retiring Germans blow up munition dump at Beez, east of Namur.
Lorraine: AEF enters Longwy and Briey.

Eastern Front

Siberia: Directorate of Five overthrown at Omsk (night November 17-18), Admiral Kolchak proclaimed White Supreme Ruler; 3,000 Czechs only protest while White C-in-C Boldyrev resigns in protest. British 25th Middx Regiment guard roads to Kolchak’s HQ.
Estonia: Treaty with Germany confirms authority surrendered (November 11), evacuation agreement signed (November 19).
Poland: German Gouverneur General Beseler resigns.
North Caucasus: White General Wrangel retakes Stavropol after leading cavalry charge, pursues Reds to east.

Home Fronts

Italy: Proclamation pledges Germans can stay in Upper Adige.
Britain: Asquith tells Liberals ‘Election, a blunder and a calamity’. Churchill tells constituents ‘The victory … belongs to all’, warns vs excessive harshness to Germany. Special Branch chief Thomson reports pacifists ‘reappearing in their proper garb as revolutionaries’.
USA: Film Under Four Flags celebrates Allied victory, CPI’s 4th biggest earner.

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