Diary November 9, 1916

Air battle of the Western Front
Air battle of the Western Front.
World War One Diary for Thursday, November 9, 1916:

Air War

Belgium: 6 RNAS Short seaplanes (1 FTR) bomb Ostend docks and Zeebrugge (repeated November 15 and 17), 19 RNAS bombers raid Ostend (November 10; 10 bombers repeat on November 12). Zee­brugge again bombed on November 22 and 28; little damage but German torpedo boats lie up at Bruges.
Somme: RFC helps fire on 203 targets (40 direct hits) and discovers Hindenburg Line works. RNAS No 8 Squadron (from Dunkirk units) joins Somme fighting, destroys 24 aircraft for loss of 2 pilots (until December 31). Largest air battle yet: c.30 German fighters intercept 12 British bombers and 14 escorts destroying 5 (BE2c to Richthofen) and damaging 3; 26 other air combats.

Eastern Front

Western Russia: Germans take 3,400 PoWs at Skrobova.
Dobruja: Sakharov occupies Hirsova (also Topalu 12 miles southeast on November 11) and Dunarea on Danube eastern bank, fighting for Cernavoda Bridge (until November 12) ends in retreat to Dunarea.


Germany: Bethmann Reichstag speech replies to Grey on causes of war. Asquith Guildhall speech assures Venizelos and Armeni­ans of British sympathy; no separate peace possible.

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