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Diary November 9, 1940

Chamberlain and Munich agreement
This excerpt from an British photomontage from 1938 summarizes the Munich agreement. Chamberlain announced as British Premier: ‘peace for our time’.
Diary for Saturday, November 9, 1940:

Home Fronts

Britain: Death of Neville Chamberlain, aged 71. (Funeral in Westminster Abbey, November 14).

Sea War

Liner Empress of Japan (26,000 t) attacked in Atlantic by a Focke-Wulf Condor (she reaches port). German aircraft now laying acoustic mines (actuated by noise from ships’ propellers) along British south and west coasts (countermeasures involve the use of modified pneumatic drills !).


Rumania: Earthquake rocks Bucharest and Ploesti oilfields; 400 dead.

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