Diary October 11, 1917

Airco DH4
Because of the fuel tank between pilot an observer, the Airco DH4 was nicknamed ‘Flaming Coffin’ by its crews. Nonetheless, it was built in extremely large numbers, its considerable virtues outweighing that major fault.
World War One Diary for Thursday, October 11, 1917:

Air War

France: Royal Flying Corps’ 41st Wing (DH4s, FE2bs and 8 RNAS Handley Page bombers) formed, LAUNCHES 13­-MONTH DAY/NIGHT STRATEGIC BOMBING CAMPAIGN AGAINST INDUSTRIAL TARGETS IN WESTERN GERMANY and Alsace-Lorraine up to 125 miles from Western Front front line.

Western Front

Flanders: French First Army repulse counter-attack east of Dreibank. Rupprecht reports to OHL: ‘In order to save material and men it may become necessary to withdraw the (Flanders) front so far from the enemy that he will be compelled to make a fresh deployment of his artillery.’
Verdun: Germans briefly penetrate advanced trenches north of Hill 344; those of the hill itself on October 17.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: Germans gain ground east-north-east of Segewold and try to fraternize in Riga area.

Middle East

Armenia: Turk attack repulsed 16 miles southwest of Erzincan.

Oval@3x 2

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