Diary October 15, 1918

section of Gordon Highlanders
A section of Gordon Highlanders with their Lewis Gun being used in the classic supporting fire role.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, October 15, 1918:

Western Front

Germany: Since September 26, 43 German reserve divisions committed.
Flanders: British 34th Division return to Menin as to south Second Army reaches and crosses river Lys (until October 16), Belgian 3rd Division also reaches (­October 16).

Eastern Front

Volga: Krasnov’s Don Cossack offensive threatens Tsaritsyn; Vatsetis orders it not to be given up.
Occupied Poland: Austrian Lublin Government agrees to give Poles eastern districts.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Serb First Army again in action with enemy including Austrian 30th Division (from Ukraine), pursues (until October 18). First Allied train reaches Veles.
Salonika: Milne and Royal Navy C-in-C Mediterranean Admiral Calthorpe discuss combined operations vs Turkey.

Home Fronts

Germany: Imperial Order subjects military to civil authority. 1,500 Berliners die of flu.
Austria: Hungarian Prime Minister Wekerle arrives in Vienna and gets manifesto exemption for Hungarian crown lands.

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