Diary October 2, 1915

twin-engined Gotha 'Giant'
A twin-engined Gotha ‘Giant’ heavy bonber.
Diary for Saturday, October 2, 1915:

Air War

Germany: First German ‘Giant’ heavy bomber ferried to Eastern Front.
Western Front: French airship Alsace shot down. 62 unescorted French bombers (2 lost) raid German HQ town of Vouziers on the Aisne but are intercepted by two-seaters.

Eastern Front

Battle of Vilna ends.

Middle East

Afghanistan: German Hentig Mission reaches Kabul but kept virtual prisoners; Amir interviews on October 13.

African Fronts

Southern Tunisia: Up to 2,000 Tripo­litanians attack French post until 1,650 troops relieve it on October 9.


Bulgaria: Government agrees with Central Powers to enter war on October 15. Russian ultimatum to Bulgaria.

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