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Diary October 1, 1940

bullet holes in He 111
At least lucky: just a few bullet holes. In the Battle of Britain the He 111 units had to accept considerable losses.
Diary for Tuesday, October 1, 1940:

Air War

Battle of Britain (Day 83): Fighter-bomber raids on Southeast England. German two-engined bombers (except few fast Ju88s) withdrawn from daylight operations and replaced by makeshift conversions of Me 109E and Me 110. These carry out frequent high-altitude raids – some penetrating to London – until mid-December 1940.
German aircraft drop 700 mines off British East Coast in October.
Nine RAF night raids on Berlin in October, despite bad weather over Western Europe.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Cruisers Gloucester and Liverpool land 1,200 British troop reinforcements on Malta.


Finnish-German arms agreement: Germany receives sole rights to Finnish nickel exports.

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