Diary October 23, 1942

M4A1 Sherman IIs of 'the Queen's Bays' of 1st Armoured division at Second Alamein
M4A1 Sherman IIs of ‘the Queen’s Bays’ of 1st Armoured division at Second Alamein. Camouflage is Green over Desert Pink. At Second Alamein the Sherman tank saw its first combat action.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, October 23, 1942:


Egypt: SECOND BATTLE OF ALAMEIN. Montgomery launches all-out offensive against Axis line in Western Desert – preceded by greatest artillery barrage (900 guns) yet employed in the campaign.
Masterly camouflage operations organized by Lt.-Col. Barkas (involving use of many dummy tanks, trucks and dumps) to convince the Germans that attack will take place farther south. First phase of battle ends November 1.
General Stumme C-in-C Panzer Army Africa killed; General von Thoma takes command until return of Rommel.

[tableX caption=”Second Alamein Forces ” colwidth=”20|20|20|20|20″ colalign=”left|center|cnter|center|center”]
, Soldiers, Tanks, Guns, Planes
British 8th Army , “195,000 (11 divisions)”, “1,029 (252 M4 Sherman)”, “2,311”, 750
Axis Panzerarmee Afrika , “104,000 (50,000 Germans)”, 489 (211 German), “1,219 (644 German)”, 675 (275 German)


Solomons: Japanese make desperate efforts to capture Henderson Field, but their 3-pronged 4-day offensive is uncoordinated and US Marines defeat each attack in turn. Elite Japanese 2nd Division annihilated.

Sea War

Atlantic: Cruiser Phoebe damaged by U-boat U-161 off Congo Estuary.

Home Fronts

Italy: King Victor Emmanuel and Queen Elena visit Genoa – still burning from previous night’s bombing.

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