Diary October 25, 1918

scout unit with fighting knives
Italians of a scout unit with fighting knives.
World War One Diary for Friday, October 25, 1918:

Southern Fronts

Piave: ­British overrun rest of Papadopoli Island (night October 25-26) but flooding river delays main crossing. Italian Grappa attacks continue at heavy cost capturing and losing Mt Asolone again with 600 PoWs, Pesaro Brigade and Arditi take Mt Pertica; Austrian Edelweiss Alpine Division thrown into battle.
Serbia: Austro-German retreat over Sava and Danube (until November 1) by bridges and streamers between Smederovo and Sabac covered by river monitors. Serbs reach Kragujevac 60 miles to south of Danube.
Salonika­: First 5 Indian battalions from Mesopotamia land.

Western Front

France: Foch, Haig, Petain and Pershing meet at Senlis, formulate stiff proposals including surrender of artillery, railway stock and U-boats, agree to preventing fresh fighting after any armistice.
Selle – Fourth phase ends: 24 British divisions have forced 31 German divisions well back from river and stand in outskirts of Valenciennes, Le Ouesnoy and southern edge of Mormal Forest. Total captures: 20,000 PoWs and 475 guns. LAST EFFECTIVE GERMAN LINE OF DEFENCE ON W FRONT BROKEN.
Flanders: British Second Army success at Ooteghem.
Oise­: French 79th Regiment (XX Corps, First Army) with 4 tanks storms Villers-le-Sec in Hunding Line, taking 150 PoWs, 1 gun, 58 MGs and 1 mortar for 40 casualties despite counter-attack.

Middle East

Syria: Colonel Nuri Bey’s 1,500 Arabs enter Aleppo at second attempt but again driven out by Kemal’s troops as 500 British cavalry join armoured cars 13 miles southwest.
Mesopotamia: British armoured cars approach Sharqat from desert as 40th Brigade (13th Division) again takes Kirkuk.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Scheer orders all seaworthy Mediterranean U-boats to sail home, 12 do so (October 29-31).

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