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Diary October 8, 1918

Two A7V assault tank  attacking allied troops
Two A7V assault tank attacking allied troops.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, October 8, 1918:

Western Front

Somme and Cambrai – SECOND BATTLE OF CAMBRAI (until October 9): British Third, Fourth and First (takes Fresnoy-Rouvroy line northeast of Arras) Armies attack with 82 tanks (22 lost) on 20-mile front between St Quentin and Cambrai, advance 3 miles, take 10,000 PoWs and 150 guns (including 1,500 PoWs and 30 guns by US 30th Division). Third Army captures Villers-Outreaux, Forenville and Niergnies southeast of Cambrai despite 15 German tanks (6 lost) heading 3 local counter-­attacks and hitting 4 British tanks (4 A7Vs deliver another, October 11). Army Groups Rupprecht and Boehn ordered back to Hermann position. Boehn’s group then to be broken up; its Second Army to Rupprecht, Eighteenth to Crown Prince, Boehn sent on leave.
Argonne: Marksman Captain York (328th US Infantry, 82nd Division) captures 132 Prussian Guardsmen having shot dead 15.

Eastern Front

USSR: Lenin appoints Stalin to Revolutionary Military Council.
Southern Russia: Death of General Alexeiev at Ekaterinodar (age 60), Denikin becomes White supreme commander and civil dictator.

Occupied Territories

Poland: Regency Council dissolves Council of State and takes over German administration.

Middle East

Lebanon: 7th Indian Division occupies Beirut after 2 French destroyers’ arrival, 600 Turks handed over. Colonel Piepape, French military Gouverneur, whose troops arrive on October 20.

Sea War

Germany: Rear-Admiral Trotha CoS German High Seas Fleet recommends a ‘final sortie’ vs Grand Fleet if U-boat campaign abandoned completely or Fleet threatened by a ‘humiliating end’. Hipper sanctions (October 10) detailed planning for this Flottenvorstoss (‘Fleet Attack’); Scheer’s CoS Commodore Levetzow supports (October 16). Scheer does not inform Army, Kaiser or politicians.
Med­iterranean: Admural Calthorpe leaves Malta in cruiser Foresight, arrives at Mudros on October 11.

Air War

Western Front: RAF support Second Battle of Cambrai including laying smokescreens with 40lb phosphorous bombs, few air combats. Night bombers strike rail junctions (night October 8-9).


USA: President Wilson replies to German peace note, occupied territories evacuation first condition.
France: Foch note gives his armistice terms to Allied Prime Ministers.

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