Diary September 1, 1918

platoon of Australian infantry
A platoon of Australian infantry in the morning mist.
World War One Diary for Sunday, September 1, 1918:

Western Front

Britain: BEF peak 1918 estimated strength of 1,916,464 soldiers (record 163,635 Canadians).
Somme: British 52nd and 57th Divisions finally secure Bullecourt and Hendecourt after fighting since August 28; BEF Third Army clears eight more villages east and southeast of Bapaume (­until September 2), has gained 8-13 miles with 11,000 PoWs from 23 German divisions since August 21. 5th Australian Division reoccupies Peronne (until September 2) after 2nd Australian Division captures Mt St Quentin. 3 British divisions capture 4 villages and farm to north. AMIENS SAliENT ELIMINATED.
Flanders: British 30th Division (Second Army) recaptures Neuve Eglise and Wulverghem (September 2).
Aisne: French recapture five villages north of Soissons (until September 2).

Eastern Front

Germany: During September 3 German divisions and Austrian 106th Division leave for Western Front.
Siberia: By now White Siberian Army has 38,000 men and 70 guns.
Urals: In September Future Soviet marshal V K Bliukher first Order of the Red Banner winner (instituted September 16).
South Russia: By now White Volunteer Army 35,000-40,000 strong (Lieutenant-General Wrangel joins from Crimea on September 7).

Sea War

USA: Shipping Board has 331 Allied and neutral ships on charter worth 1,084,986t.
Mediterranean: Only 8 of 979 ships sailed in convoy lost (during September).
Allied Otranto Barrage Force: 280 ships including 31 destroyers; 8 submarines; 10 sloops and torpedo boats; 36 US subchasers; 153 trawlers.
Eastern Atlantic: 3 US battleships stationed at Berehaven (Southwest Ireland) to cover Atlantic convoys from surface attack, sail for that purpose in October.

Air War

Britain: 16,224 American mechanics have arrived to work and train with RAF (3,931 by March 1).
Germany: During September Peak month of RAF raids, with 62.
Western Front: Germans claim 27 Allied aircraft for loss of 8. RAF FE2b night bombers attack 3 defended villages in front of BEF First Army with 300 bombs (night September 1/2/3, tactic repeated on September 18).
Russia: In September Aviadarm formed with 315 planes (mainly Anglo-French made) to support Red Army.

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