Diary September 1, 1943

Partisan prepares the blow up of a railroad
Russian Partisan prepares the blow up of a railroad.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, September 1, 1943:

Occupied Territories

USSR: Second campaign by Russian Partisans against German rail communications: 193 groups destroy 32,000 rails, from Crimea to Karelia (ends November 1).

Eastern Front

Central Sector: Russian 5th Army (West Front) captures Dorogobuzh.

Air War

Southeast Asia: 10th USAAF attacks Mandalay railway yards.
Germany: Oberstleutnant Dr Kupfer, Stuka ‘ace’, appointed first General der Schlachtflieger, in command of all Stuka and ground attack units.

Home Fronts

Britain: Death of W W Jacobs, author; aged 79.

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