Diary September 11, 1943

Fritz-X armour piercing radio-guided bomb
A Fritz-X armour piercing radio-guided bomb attached to a Do 217 bomber.
WW2 War Diary for Saturday, September 11, 1943:

Air War

Mediterranean: Do 217s of KG 100 (formerly KGr 100) commence series of attacks on Allied fleet off Salerno, using Fritz X and Hs 293 missiles. Cruisers Savannah and Uganda and battleship Warspite seriously damaged; hospital ship Newfoundland and 1 transport sunk (September 11-15).
Germany: 360 RAF bombers attacking Duesseldorf and dropping 760t of bombs.

Sea War

Mediterranean: 7,139 French and US troops transported from Algiers to Corsica (September 11 – October 1).


Italy: British 8th Army capture Brindisi.
Aegean: Italian garrison of Rhodes surrenders to Germans.


New Guinea: Allied force captures Salamaua, near Lae.

Oval@3x 2

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