Diary September 12, 1915

British advance  toward Turkish-held Kut-el-Amara
British forces led by General Sir Charles Townshend begin their advance toward Turkish-held Kut-el-Amara.
Diary for Sunday, September 12, 1915:

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Townshend’s 11,080 men and 30 guns begin Tigris and land advance to Kut-el-Amara in 110-120° F until September 26.
Syria: French battleship Guichen with 4 other warships begin taking 4,000 Musa Dagh Armenians to Port Said.
Secret War: Gallipoli deserter Arab Lieutenant Muhammed al Faruqi interrogated in Cairo and at own request made agent ‘G’ to mediate with Sherif.

Western Front

Foch visits Haig re coming offensive.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: German cavalry cut Vilna-Riga railway and taking Sventsyani.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Active fighting. Both sides have small successes.

Air War

Britain: Royal Navy gunnery expert Admiral Sir Percy Scott put in command of London’s anti-air defence and asks for 104 more guns plus over 50 searchlights and studies the example of Paris air defence.

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