Diary September 15, 1915

S class submarine
S1 enters Brindisi. Built in Britain to an Italian design, she had served for a year with the Royal Navy before being transferred to the Italian Navy.
Diary for Wednesday, September 15, 1915:

Sea War

Mediterranean: 3 Royal Navy S-class small submarines transferred to Italian Navy.
Baltic: 3 more Royal Navy E-class submarines have reached Reval.

Western Front

Kitchener announces that 11 New Army divisions have been sent to France and BEF now hold additional 17 miles of French front.

Eastern Front

Western Russia: German cavalry occupy Vileika and Krivichi on railway east of Vilna (infantry arrives on September 18, but Russians retake it on September 26-27); 4 squadrons raid to Borisov on river Beresina.
Baltic Provinces: ­Russian Twelfth Army retreats to river Dvina covered by cavalry rearguard actions.

Air War

Gallipoli: Kemal Pasha (Atatürk) in staff car east of Suvla narrowly escapes injury by RNAS Nieuport (Samson) bombing.

Home fronts

Britain: Munitions Ministry issues profit limitation rules. House of Commons fourth 1915 war credit vote.
Turkey: ­National Assembly first reopens.

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