Diary September 15, 1918

Bulgarian machinge-gunners in action
Bulgarian machinge-gunners in action with Maxim Model 1908 machone-guns purchased before the war in UK.
World War One Diary for Sunday, September 15, 1918:

Southern Fronts

Macedonia: At 0530 hours 36,000 Serb, French and Italian infantry attack 12,000 Bulgars and Germans, capture Mt Vetrenik (4,725ft), Mt Dobropolje (6,125ft; French first use flamethrowers) and Mt Sokol with nearly 3,000 PoWs and 33 guns for 2,520 casualties. Advance continues at night up to 6 miles.

Western Front

France: French losses since 1 July 279,000 soldiers.
Germany: Construction of Hermann Line behind Army Groups Rupprecht and Boehn begun. German gas response to BEF autumn offensive: 2 million rounds (4,000t) mustard gas expended; 24,363 gassed (540 deaths) until November 11.
Flanders: Belgian composer and soldier for duration of war Georges Antoine dies from influenza.

Eastern Front

Volga: Red Eastern Front (5 armies) total 70,000 men; 225 guns; 1,059 MGs.

Air War

Germany: Stuttgart (Bosch and Daimler works) attacked by 9 DH4s of No 55 Squadron; 2 fighters shot down.
France – last bombing of Paris: 50 Gotha bombers (2 lost) drop 85 bombs (37 casualties).
Western Front: German pilots destroy 6 and damage 4 balloons on BEF First and Third Army fronts (RAF manage 3 plus 3). Germans claim 58 Allied aircraft for loss of 12 in air fighting above all but one of the 14 German armies.


Germany: Governments peace offer to Belgium on basis of no indemnity or reparations.
USA: New York Congress of Austrian subject peoples demands Empire’s dismember­ment.

Supremacy 1914

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