Diary September 16, 1940

Illustrious surrounded by Swordfishs
The British aircraft carrier ‘Illustrious’ surrounded by launching Swordfish torpedo aircraft.
Diary for Monday, September 16, 1940:

Air War

Minor daylight raids on Southeast England (bad weather). Night raids on London by 150 aircraft; damage in West End.
Göring orders fresh attacks on RAF Fighter Command, which he still hopes to crush within 4-5 days; aircraft factories also earmarked for attack. Small formations of fast bombers to be closely escorted by large numbers of Me 109Es.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Royal Navy carrier raid on Benghazi. Swordfish aircraft from Illustrious torpedo one Italian destroyer and 2 cargo ships and sink second destroyer with mine (night September 16-17).


USA: Conscription Bill signed by Roosevelt.

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