Diary September 16, 1915

Two members of a German Field Artillery unit
Two members of a German Field Artillery unit. The man on the right is a gunner, and the one on the left is a driver.
Diary for Thursday, September 16, 1915:

Eastern Front

Kaiser visits Kovno.
Pripet: ­Bugarmee occupies Pinsk.

African Fronts

East Africa: British officials’ home leave ended except on medical grounds.

Sea War

Adriatic and Mediterranean: Now 5 U­-boats based at Cattaro, they sink 99 ships worth 346,786t by end of 1915.

Air War

Mesopotamia: Turk rifle fire shoots down British Caudron, but Major Reilly in a Martynside maps Turk Kut defences and 5 aircraft support Townshend.


Haiti: 10-year US protectorate proclaimed.

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