Diary September 20, 1915

Askari with Reich war flag
A native soldier of the German ‘Schutz-truppe’ in East Africa – an Askari- with the Reich war flag.
Diary for Monday, Septenmber 20, 1915:

African Fronts

East Africa – Action of Longido, just west across German border: 80 dug-in German soldiers repel 450 British. King’s African Rifles carry flag in action for last time (probably last time for any British troops).

Western Front

Aisne: French consolidate hold on Aisne-Marne canal.
Alsace: French advance at Hartmannsweilerkopf.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Heavy fighting on Plezzo and Carso sectors.
Serbia: British Military Attache reports more than usual troop and train movements beyond rivers and steady increase in Austro-German forces.
Hungary: Field Marshal Mackensen secretly sets up his Headquarter at Timisoara.

Middle East

Hamilton’s second Gallipoli dispatch (from August 26 and covering May 5-30) published.


Five Swedish banks announce Kr 40 million loan to Germany for coal. German-Danish trade agreement (September 24).

Home Fronts

Australia: NSW Compulsory Service League formed.

Oval@3x 2

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