Diary September 23, 1916

 German naval 'Super Zeppelin' L32
The German naval ‘Super Zeppelin’ L32 was commissioned on August 7, 1916 but made only 11 flights before it was hit by anti-aircraft fire and then downed by a fighter.
Diary for Saturday, September 23, 1916:

Air War

Britain: 9 of 12 Zeppelins reach East England (night September 23-24), drop 371 bombs causing 170 civilian casualties (151 in London) but L32 forced to crash-land after anti-aircraft and fighter hits, L33 shot down in Essex by Second Lieutenant F Sowsey in RFC BE2c (39 Squadron). For many subsequent nights Londoners take refuge in underground railway from 1730 hours.
Somme: After another victory Guyenemer’s Spad VII hit by French 75mm anti-aircraft fire, but only suffers bruised knee on landing. Richthofen scores second victory, a Martinsyde of 27 Squadron (3 lost to Jasta 2 for 1 Albatros collision).
Mesopotamia ­: RFC bomb Shumran bend German airfield near Kut, destroy 1 aircraft on ground (another hit on November 2).

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: Rawlinson postpones today’s operations to September 25. British 23rd Division advances east of Martinpuich.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italian XVIII Corps captures Mt Cardinal in Cadore area but Austrian mine explosion regains Mt Cimone d’Arsiero (Astico valley, Trentino) lost on July 23.

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