Diary September 23, 1942

Kesselring with Rommel
German C-in-C Mediterranean Kesselring with Rommel (right).
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, September 23, 1942:

Secret War

Britain: Ultra discovers that Rommel has left North Africa on sick leave.


New Guinea: Australian troops counter-attack at Ioribaiwa, north of Port Moresby.

Air War

USA: US 12th AAF established to support US ground forces during Operation Torch.

Sea War

Atlantic: 2 U-boat packs make repeated, but largely unsuccessful, attempts to destroy fast Convoy RB.1 off Newfoundland – which is wrongly believed to contain large troopships; 3 vessels and escorting destroyer Veteran sunk, September 25-26.
Pacific: Australian destroyer Voyager lost off Timor while attempting to land reinforcements for Australian-Dutch ‘Sparrow Force’, which is waging guerrilla campaign behind Japanese lines.

Home Fronts

USA: First Liberty Ship – prefabricated, mass-produced merchant ship – launched 10 days after keel had been laid; at Portland, Oregon.

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