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Diary September 24, 1915

Advertisement for the Benz company
Advertisement for the Benz company in a German war newspaper.
Diary for Friday, September 24, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Austrian aircraft bomb Pozharevats. Drina crossing attempts foiled.
Greece: Kitchener suggests British 10th and 11th Divisions be sent from Suvla bridgehead (Gallipoli) to Salonika.

African Fronts

Southeast Cameroons: Germans have forced French back to line Elertua-Dume- east of Abong Mbang-Lomie.

Sea War

Atlantic: U49 sunk by Q-ship Baralong.
Italy: Navy Minister Admiral Viale resigns, ostensibly for ill-health, but really due to criticism.

Home Fronts

Britain: Liquor Control applied to Greater London.
New Zeeland: National Registration Bill passed.
Russia: 500 reservists attack police at a Petrograd railway station in protest against Duma (parliament) suspension, other protests in Rostov and Astrakhan.

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