Diary September 28, 1918

Bulgarian soldiers in Allied captivity
Bulgarian soldiers in Allied captivity. Bulgaria’s withdrawal from the war causes the entire Balkan front of the Central Powers to collapse.
World War One Diary for Saturday, September 28, 1918:

Southern Fronts

Salonika: Armistice talks begin at 1600 hours including General Lukov and Bulgar Finance Minister who hope for neutral status but d’Esperey unyielding.
Serbia: French 57th Division occupies Ochrid.
Dolomites: ­Austrian attack in Val Guidicaria repulsed.

Western Front

Flanders – FINAL BATTLE OF FLANDERS (until November 11): Allied Flanders Army Group (King Albert, CoS General Degoutte) of 28 divisions with 2,550 guns (12 Belgian with 170,000 men, 10 BEF, 6 French divisions) after 3-hour barrage advances on 23-mile front. Houthulst Forest (4-mile advance) and Wytschaete captured with 4000 PoWs. Belgian 4th Carabineers storm Passchendaele. British Second Army fights Fourth Battle of Ypres (until October 2), in 4 1/2-6 mile advance (9 miles by end of September 29) recaptures Gheluvelt and Messines.
Aisne: Italian troops cross east of Conde in surprise night attack.


East Africa: Lettow recrosses river Rovuma into German East Africa, opposite Nagwamira (8 hippos shot for meat to celebrate return). Kartucol reaches river Lugenda.

Sea War

North Sea: British ships and aircraft attack Zeebrugge. 11 German destroyers evacuate port on September 30 and reach Germany thanks to moonless nights, shoals and rough weather which thwart Harwich Force.
Britain: ­Swan Hunter yard launches first fabricated ‘straight line’ ship SS War Climax, 31 weeks from laying keel.

Air War

Western Front: Udet destroys 2 US-crewed DH and receives bullet graze. Lieutenant F Rumey (45 victories) of Jasta 4 killed in action. Bogohl 3 and other German units drop 167,154lb bombs. Most crews carry out 3 sorties (night September 28/29). RAF loss of 424 men since September 15 severest of war, average 15.5 per 100 planes flown (1,404 serviceable).
Palestine and Syria: RAF bomb Damascus airfield from new Kuneitra landing ground, supplied with fuel by air. Aircraft land at Damascus on October 1.
Flanders: ­24 RAF squadrons support final Allied advance, helped by radio telephone. 6 main rail targets attacked, 27 aircraft lost in low-flying attacks.

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