Diary September 3, 1917

German troops in Riga
German troops rest in front of a church in Riga.
World War One Diary for Monday, September 3, 1917:

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: German 2nd Guard and 1st Reserve divisions enter Riga, claim many thousand PoWs and 150 guns, but Russians still held south of highway and railway.
Rumania – Battle of Marasesti ends: Germans gain only 5 miles on 18-mile front, taking 18,000 PoWs and 22 guns. General Morgen reports 61 Rumanian counter-attacks; they claim 65,000 German casualties since August 19.

Sea War

Channel: Armed boarding steamer HMS Dundee sunk by U-boat.
Baltic: Last 2 Russian destroyers leave Riga (until 1940), which mine gulf entrance.

Home Fronts

Britain: Munitionettes get 2s 6d advance per week.
Italy: By now coal shortage (although Britain supplied 690,000t in August) has made 75% of trains idle, remainder burn wood and naval stocks; sailing coasters used to distribute goods.

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