Diary September 3, 1940

 Flush-deck destroyer Lincoln
The old Flush-decker destroyer ‘Lincoln’ belongs to the 50 destroyers from World War One which were received by the Royal Navy. They all became names of cities which were existing both in Great Britain and in the USA and most of them were rebuild as anti-submarine escorts.
Diary for Tuesday, September 3, 1940:

Sea War

Hitler postpones launching of Operation Sea Lion from September 15 to September 21.
US forces to occupy naval and air bases in Bahamas, Bermuda, British Guiana, Jamaica, St Lucia, Trinidad and Newfoundland on 99-year lease; Britain to receive in exchange 50 old destroyers.

Air War

RAF night raid on Berlin (first of nine raids in September).

Home Front

Germany: Unemployed total 32,000.

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