Diary September 30, 1915

French guards move German prisoners to the rear
French guards move German prisoners to the rear during the Second Battle of Champagne.
Diary for Thursday, September 30, 1915:

Western Front

Sir J French and Kitchener Order of the Day congratulates BEF. King sends a message to Sir John.
Champagne: Minor French gains. Joffre announces close of operations with the capturing of 25,000 PoWs and 150 guns – but no break-through could be achieved.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italian attacks continue in snow and ice.
Serbia: Army Group Mackensen and German Eleventh Army (Gallwitz) activated.

Middle East

Gallipoli – Suvla bridgehead: 10th Division leaves for Salonika.
Gallipoli – Helles ­bridgehead: VIII Corps 15,212 men fit, many sick.

African Fronts

2 South African staff officers to examine possible South African role in East Africa.

Sea War

Mediterranean: 13 German U-boats (out of 44 total) present, 8 at sea, 5 at Constantinople plus 11 Austrian craft.
Italy: Vice Admiral Camillo Corsini new Navy Minister.


Switzerland : German Berne Minister reports to Chancellor on Lenin’s peace aims.

Home Fronts

Britain: Special Branch head Thomson gets publishers Constable to withdraw American book The Socialists and the War.

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