Diary September 5, 1915

Tsar greets Officers
Tsar Nicholas II, pictured right, greets Russian officers.
Diary for Sunday, September 5, 1915:

Eastern Front

TSAR TAKES SUPREME COMMAND: Alexeiev his CoS, Grand Duke Nicholas and his staff leave on September 7.

Middle East

Gallipoli: ANZAC troops repulse Turk night attack.
Churchill asks Balfour to plan for winter campaign.
India – Northwest Frontier: Second Action at Hafiz Khor, Mohmands beaten.

Sea War

Dardanelles: Royal Navy submarine E7 trapped in new Nagara nets and destroyed by explosive charge from German coastal submarine UB14.


Switzerland ­- Zimmerwald International Socialist Conference (until September 8): 38 delegates from 11 European countries (Trotsky present) pass manifesto for immediate peace.

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