Diary September 6, 1916

Major James Thomas Byford McCudden
Major James Thomas Byford McCudden was one of the very small number of pre-war rankers who rose to commissioned service and command in the RCF. He was tragically killed, when his score stood at 57, after an engine failure in 1918.
Diary for Wednesday, September 6, 1916:

Air War

Western Front: Flight-Sergant McCudden (DH2 pilot in 29 Squadron) scores
first of 57 victories in I Anzac Corps Ypres sector. Royal Flying Corps 5th Bde (2 lost) bomb 2 German airfields east of Bapaume, destroy 1 aircraft on ground.

Eastern Front

Transylvania: Falkenhayn‘s Ninth Army formed. Rumanians occupy province capital Hermannstadt.

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: British capture Leuze Wood and advance to Ginchy. Asquith inspects Fricourt ruins; French guns smash 10 German counter­-attacks southwest of Barleux and south of Belloy.

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