Diary September 8, 1940

fires in the London borough Eastcheap
Firefighters fighting the fires in the London borough Eastcheap.
Diary for Sunday, September 8, 1940:

Air War

Small-scale raids on airfields in southeastern England and Dover. 9 1/2-hour night raid on London by 170 bombers: 12 large fires, all railway lines to South Coast blocked; casualties: 412 killed, 747 injured.

Sea War

Operation Hannelore: German torpedo boats lay mines in Straits of Dover.

Secret War

Vichy French agents in London report that Free French expeditionary force is at sea en route for one of France’s African colonies.

Home Fronts

Germany: Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess asks Professor Haushofer: ‘Is there nobody in Britain willing to make peace ?’

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