Diary September 9, 1945

Japanese soldier with Chinese guards.
Surrendered Japanese soldier with Chinese guards.
Diary for Sunday, September 9, 1945:


MILLION-STRONG JAPAN­ESE FORCES IN CHINA, FORMOSA AND NORTH VIETNAM SURRENDER at Nanking, thus ending conflict which has killed at least 10,400,000 since July 7, 1937.


594,000 Japanese troops, including 148 generals, now in Russian hands.

Occupied countries

Korea: Japanese forces surrender at Seoul. Japanese admins­trators to remain in office.

Sea War

Operation Zipper: Indian forces land on west coast of Malaya (September 9-12).

Home Fronts

Canada: Meat rationing reintroduced to assure adequate exports to UK and Europe.
USA – OPERATION MAGIC CARPET: 1,307,859 US servicemen return home from Pacific aboard fleet that eventually totals 369 warships (ends March 1946). First day of the operation is marred by typhoon ‘Louisa’, which batters Okinawa area.

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