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Diary July 10, 1940

Ju 88 A
A Ju 88 A, the fast German bombers for medium distances with a bomb load of 2500 kg, and dive brakes, which also allow dive attacks.
Diary for Wednesday, July 10, 1940:

Air War

BATTLE OF BRITAIN (for Britain DAY 1; but in fact the real German operation was starting more than one month later, on 13 August with Adlertag = Eagles Day). Widespread raids: 25 Do 17 s, escorted by Me 109E, attack convoy near Dover (one ship sunk); 60 Ju 88s bomb ports of Falmouth and Swansea and Pembrey Royal Ordnance Factory, South Wales (30 killed); Martlesham airfield, near Ipswich, bombed. Losses (in combat or following combat damage): German, 11; British, 1.
First Free Czech fighter squadron (No. 310) formed in Britain.

Sea War

Atlantic: British minefield, Orkneys-Iceland-Greenland completed. Five U-boats leave new base at Bergen, Norway.


Vichy France: French National Assembly at Vichy gives full powers to Petain by 569 votes to 80, with 17 abstentions.

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